Project Request Process

The objective of this activity is to formalize the process for requesting/proposing new projects.  By doing this, we will ensure only those projects that warrant the investment are actually undertaken and executed.  This will also help in managing the department workload.  This process applies to all projects undertaken by the University of Iowa Health Care.

  1. The requestor completes this Project Request Document and email it to

    Anyone can initiate a request.  The Project Request document contains information such as:

    • Description of the business need/Goal and product description
    • Description of the project scope, critical success factors, assumptions, & constraints
    • List of the project costs.

  2. The associated subcommittee/s evaluates the Project Request and makes decision to accept (approve) or deny the request based on the following criteria:
    • Value to the hospital
    • Criticality (priority)
    • Estimated effort and resource availability
    • Risks
    • Impact and/or dependence on other projects
    • Any other criteria relevant to the hospital/project

  3. If the associated subcommittee/s ) grants approval:
    • The requestor is notified.
    • A PMO Project Manager or a Project Leader is assigned
    • A Technical Lead or Application Coordinator is assigned
    • The project moves to the Planning phase.

  4. If the associated subcommittee/s do not approve the project:
    • The requestor is notified.
    • The project request is placed on the “Not Approved Projects” list.