HealthCareID Tools

Q. What is a HealthCareID and how do I get one?

A HealthCareID is a computer username that is assigned to UI Health Care faculty, staff, and students.  New UI Health Care employees are assigned HealthCare ID’s as part of the hiring process.

A HealthCareID consists of some combination of the individual’s last name, first initial, and in some cases, middle initial. For example, a person named Gene Splicer might be assigned gsplicer as his HealthCareID.

Q. How is a HealthCareID different from a HawkID?

UI Health Care faculty, staff, and students have two IDs - a HealthCareID for health care workstation logins and applications such as Epic, Outlook, and the Point; and a HawkID for University applications such as ICON, ISIS, and Employee Self Service. For a complete list of applications using these IDs click here.

Both HealthcareID and HawkID are the same in most cases, however they both have a distinctive password. Users have the ability to reset their HealthcareID to be the same as their HawkID

Password Reset Tools

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Before you can reset or unlock your HealthCare ID and HawkID, you MUST first enroll using this tool.

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