HCIS Help Desk Self Service

Welcome to the University of Iowa Health Care Information Systems self service support portal. This site is a central and comprehensive web-based solutions resource for our users. Our goal is to empower you to initiate issues you have and get a timely resolution to your problem.

Password Tools: Visit Password Tools to change your HealthCareID password or change your HawkID password and learn more about your Login IDs.

Help Desk Web Request: Submit your service requests online and expect a more accurate and timely response to your problem. Use WebRequest for computer & accounts requests and ASRTRequest for application & development requests.

HCIS Knowledge Base (HCIS KB): Check out the HCIS KB for searchable solutions to most common problems. Click here for instructions on how to access the HCIS KB and for all about searches in HCIS KB.

You can also reach us 24 hours a day at helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu, or by calling (319) 356-0001. When you call, please:

  • Provide ID of device you are having issues with (computer or printer), your name, phone number, department name, and campus location (building and room number).
  • Describe the problem clearly and in as much detail as possible.
  • Describe the severity of the problem, e.g., how many users are being affected?

Although we strive to resolve all issues as quickly as possible, you can help us ensure quality service by accurately prioritizing your request.

  • Low: general information, software installation, configuration, or maintenance.
  • General: noticeable problems but can still perform most duties, hardware issues.
  • High: noticeable problems which impact operations and/or instruction.
  • Critical: system wide outages causing major impact to critical business operations and instruction.

If a problem you've reported becomes increasingly urgent or is not being handled in a timely manner, you can initiate the escalation process by contacting Help Desk Supervisors