New Features


Titles will be replaced by roles. Staff can now log in as themselves and assign a role they assume for the day (i.e. Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse, or any other role configured in the directory). Location selection can also be assigned during the log in process.

Roles may optionally be designated as exclusive, which means only one user can hold the role at any given time. Exclusive roles support bumping, which gracefully allows one user to relieve another, includes confirmation for both parties.

View Unit by Name or Role

View users list in two view options.

• View by name
• View by role

Priority Texting

Priority messages look and sound different, emphasizing urgency.

Message/Call History Saved

All text/alarm/call information for a Voalte user will no longer be cleared when you log out of the app, instead user data is saved to the user’s account.

Swipe Functionality

Once you have navigated to the user you would like to contact you can Swipe right to text or Swipe left to call.

Status Bubbles

Staff will have the ability to add a personalized status to let other Voalte users know their current status.

Group Messaging

Users can text preloaded teams or created their own group to send a message to. The message creator can decide if users can respond to the message or not. If users are allowed to respond, their response will go to all message recipients.

Search Features

Along with searching my Staff member’s name, Users will have the ability to search for users by Unit, Department, Team, and Role.

Wi-Fi Network Connectivity & Call Rescue

Voalte is able to monitor connections minute-by-minute to see users temporarily disconnected. Call Rescue will notify both parties when a user is temporarily disconnected while on a call and attempt to reconnect for 30 seconds.