Updates and Announcements

Effective Tuesday August 15, 2017 all Voalte Support requests will be through the Help Desk.

For all Voalte questions and concerns, call the Help Desk at 6-0001 or email helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu or use the ESC portal https://service.healthcare.uiowa.edu

Thank you for your assistance with this change.


Voalte Background

Voalte is an iPhone based clinical communication device used at UIHC. It allows secure, HIPAA compliant texting between caregivers. Voice calls can be made and received from any other phone system. All communication is presence based. The sender can reach out to an available service provider and instantly know the status of the message sent (whether it is read or unread). Apps like UptoDate and CultureVision are added to Voalte phones. Epic Haiku can be added if requested. 

  • Voalte service is delivered through:
    • VoalteOne – Hospital provided shared iPhone devices
    • VoalteMessenger – a program running on your desktop PC. Allows texting to and from other Voalte users
    • VoalteMe – Voalte secure texting app on personal iPhone and Android