Voalte at UI Health Care - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Voalte?

Voalte is a clinical communication device used at UIHC that allows secure Voice calling, HIPAA compliant text messaging, and bedside alarms. There are three different product offerings available through Voalte.

  • Voalte One is an iPhone-based communication system running on the HCIS wireless network. This device will not work outside of the University of Iowa facility. Voalte One allows inpatient healthcare teams to communicate with each other via secure, HIPAA- compliant text messages and VoIP phone calls.
  • Voalte Messenger is an instant messaging system which allows users to communicate with other Voalte users from their desktop. You cannot make Voalte phone calls from the desktop application. You need a Voalte username and password and can access the UIHC Desktop Messenger Application here: http://voalte3.healthcare.uiowa.edu/messenger/#/login
  • Voalte Me allows you to login to Voalte on your personal device, currently it is only available on iPhone and Android. You can send HIPPA -compliant text messages to other Voalte users outside of the hospital. At the present time, VoalteMe supports text only.

For more information about Voalte products and other healthcare systems using Voalte, please go to: http://www.voalte.com/

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Why was Voalte implemented at UIHC?

Voalte was implemented to improve team communication and facilitate outstanding patient care using current technologies. Voalte has been implemented in all inpatient units, Ambulatory Clinics, ED and OR.
Voalte is comprised of functionality that increase efficiency in unit communication, such as:

  • Read receipts – you no longer need to wonder if someone has received and read your messages
  • Presence indicator – you know if a user is on-line and ready to receive your messages
  • Picture Directory – you can visually identify who is using voalte

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Who is using Voalte?

Voalte is live on all Inpatient Units and Ambulatory clinics like ED, Women's Health, Cancer Center, Orthopedic, Digestive Diseases, Derm Clinic, and many more. Teams like ATC, ISS, DRG nurses, Pharmacy, Social Sevices, Respiratory Care and Food Nutrition also use Voalte.

Where can I use Voalte?

  • Voalte One only works within the UIHC wireless network. It will not work in adjacent buildings, Veterans Administration Building or any other building that is not on the UIHC wireless network.
  • Voalte Messenger works on all UIHC wired connections.
  • Voalte Me will work in and outside of the UIHC Campus.

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How do I change my password?

For personal Voalte accounts, users will log into the system using their HealthCare ID and password (EPIC credentials). If you are experiencing issues with your password please contact the Help Desk at 6-0001 or helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

Do I have to have a photo in the directory?

Yes, your photo must be in the directory if you have your own individual login. One of the benefits and most popular features of the Voalte system is the ability to identify another user via photo. Voalte will use your University of Iowa badge photo.

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My information in the directory is incorrect. How do I correct it?

If you have any questions about how your information is being displayed in the Voalte system please reach out to the Help Desk at 6-0001 or helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

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How do I request a Voalte Account?

New account requests can be requested through the Help Desk at 6-0001 or helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

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How do I add roles?

To add roles to your Voalte account please contact the Help Desk at 6-0001 or helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.. If this is a new role that does not currently exist please provide a description of what the role will be used for.

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How do I appear in multiple units in the directory?

When logging into the Voalte application after selecting your roles for your shift you will be prompted to select your unit. Your default unit will appear at the top. To see other available units select facility. Select all units you would like to appear in. There is no limit.

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Who do I contact for technical support?

Contacting the UIHC Helpdesk is the first line of support for any Voalte issues. You can email them at helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.


You can also reach a Voalte resource through the following channels:

  • Contact Voalte BFF that is online under “Voalte” in the the directory
  • You can also use the ‘Feedback’ button (on phone or desktop application) to contact Voalte technical support.

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How do I put other apps on my Voalte phone?

At this time, CultureVision, Cyracom and Microguide are automatically loaded onto all Voalte One devices. Haiku can be requested by emailing helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu or creating a ticket on ESC https://service.healthcare.uiowa.edu/CherwellPortal/UIHCPortal. For additional apps you can send details of app you like to use to helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu, leadership group will evaluate these suggestions.


Cyracom application instructions:

  1. Log in with the following credentials
    1. Username: asl-interpreter@uihealthcare.org
    2. Password: cyracom1 (all lower case)
  2. Once the app logs in and opens, you will be asked to select the language.
    1. Languages with a blue video camera icon have the option of interpreter over video.
  3. Click on either Video Call or Phone Call buttons to connect with the interpreter.
  4. Once the interpreting session is concluded, log out of the app.


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Wireless Issues

If you are having any connectivity issues including your device displaying "Still Connecting" or your device continuing to display "Temporarily Disconnected" please email helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

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This battery pack is bulky. Why do I need it?

The battery pack is an essential part of the Voalte phone system and helps to extend the life of the phone up to 12 hours. In addition to this, it protects the phone from physical damage. Last and most important, it prevents the phone from going to "sleep/standby". If you use Voalte One without a battery pack, you risk losing a text message if the phone is in standby mode. Voalte will only provide support to issues in which the user was using a battery pack as the system was designed.

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Why do I need to wipe down my phone?

Every user is required to wipe down the phone after each shift to reduce the transmission of potentially infectious germs. Do NOT use bleach to wipe the Voalte phone. This can permananently damage the phone.

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Can I take my Voalte phone home?

Voalte One devices are not intended to be removed from UIHC premises and will not be functional outside of the UIHC campus. Phones must be returned to the unit cart when shifts are completed.

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Do I still need to carry my pager?

If most of your patient-related communications are with others that are also on the Voalte system, you no longer have to carry a pager. However, if you are on a code team, are on-call or have a different pager requirement that is not yet utilizing Voalte, you will need to carry your pager until otherwise notified. If you decide not to carry your pager, please get an approval from your Unit Manager.

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My phone was stolen/lost. What do I do?

Please report lost or stolen phones immediately to the helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu. You will need to provide the following information: Your Name, Phone ID,:Last used (date/time), Unit, Incident Description.

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My phone isn’t working. What do I do?

Please email helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu or message the ‘Voalte BFF’ from your voalte phone or from the Desktop Messenger application. Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Feedback’ button (on phone or desktop application) to contact Voalte technical support.

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My phone is broken. What do I do?

Please email the Helpdesk at helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu. You will need to provide: Your Name, Phone ID, Last used (date/time), Unit, Incident Description.

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How do I order more phones?

If your unit is already using Voalte and needs to expand, we will need a written request with MFK to be emailed to Mobility Team at helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

If your unit is not using Voalte yet and would like to explore using Voalte, please reach out to Mobility Team at helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

Please be very specific in providing justification for the new phone request.

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Can I use my personal iphone with Voalte application?

VoalteMe is a secure app that is available on iOS and Android. This is a text only app. All voice communication will be to your cellular number. You can send HIPPA -compliant text messages to other Voalte users outside of the hospital. At the present time, VoalteMe supports text only. Voice calls will be over your cellular carrier network. Your cell number will be displayed to the recipient if you choose to call them. If you need a VoalteMe login, please send an email with details like Name, Unit, Title, Mobile Number, Device type (iOS/Android) to the Help Desk at 6-0001 or helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

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Voalte Me Set-Up Process

To gain access to Voalte Me please follow the steps below.

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Voalte Me Android

For Android personal devices running on Lollipop operating systems and above there is a new Battery Saver/Power saving mode. This feature is disabled by default. If this feature is enabled, Voalte Me will receive notifications, but they will not display on the device.


There are two options for users.

  • Disable Battery Saver/Power saving mode.
  • Enable Battery Saver/Power saving mode, but enable background network usage.
    • Go into the device Settings.
    • Select enable background network usage.


For questions and further support please contact the Help Desk at 6-0001 or helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu.

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Does Voalte work on other smartphones?

Voalte currently works on iOS only and Android platforms. The VoalteOne devices at UIHC are all iOS.

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How do I sign up for training?

Voalte training is now available online.

  • Directly click this link
  • Login to Compliance and Qualifications system at https://compliance.hr.uiowa.edu
    • Click "My Training" Tab
    • Search "Voalte One" or "Voalte Messenger"
    • Click "View Details" button
    • Click "View ICON Course" button

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Why do I need to attend training?

Training is required for all staff using Voalte. It covers both basics and advanced tips and tricks and features such as Quick Messages to make your Voalte experience more productive.

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How do I request Voalte Messenger icon on my desktop?

Please contact Helpdesk at helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu with M# of your workstation.

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My question is not listed

Please email helpdesk-hcis@uiowa.edu if you have a question that is not listed above.

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